Film: Lebendiger Dialog (Living Dialogue)

Film: Lebendiger Dialog (Living Dialogue)

Lebendiger Dialog (Living Dialogue). A Film by Pascale Karlin and Joël Karlin (2022)

(German with German, English and Spanish subtitles)

In accompanying people with autism, we are challenged in ways that we probably only experience as essential here. It’s like feeling our way through a space where we never know what we’ll encounter or be surprised by next. Moods can change from “good mood” to destructive rage from one moment to the next without us being able to pinpoint a cause. How can we work with these people without always being tense and on guard ourselves? How can we meet such a person when we must expect that all our expressions may result in a violent reaction? What can we do when we obviously have no existence for this person and this person is stubbornly making his rounds seemingly uninvolved and without letting himself be distracted from his routines and patterns? Who or what are we dealing with here? And what is actually required of us? How can we respond to this often incomprehensible behavior? (Pascale Karlin)

In the film “Living Dialogue”, Pascale Karlin explores these and other questions in dialogue with non-speaking people with autism. We are pleased to present this film here with the kind permission of the producer.

At our upcoming Autumn Conference at the Goetheanum, Pascale Karlin will offer a workshop on the topic and her film will also be shown in one of our Contemplative Spaces.

You can find the film permanently on our website under ‘Literature>Vorträge und Filme’.