Heart and Crown – 6th Lecture of the Latin American Lecture Series (21 November 2020)

Heart and Crown – 6th Lecture of the Latin American Lecture Series (21 November 2020)

We are pleased to announce the next lecture in our Latin American open lecture series:

«Corazón y Corona – La humanidad que podemos devenir» – Mariano Kasanetz (Stuttgart, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina)

(Heart and Crown – The humanity that we can become)

Saturday, November 21, 2020, 10:00 Mexico, 11:00 Lima/Bogota, 13:00 Santiago/Buenos Aires/Sao Paulo

Mariano Kasanetz studied and taught physics and music before being ordained a priest of the Christian Community in 2004. He was parish priest in Buenos Aires until 2019. Since one year he has been leading the seminary of the Christian Community in Stuttgart (Germany) together with his colleague Xenia Medvedeva. Among other things, he works intensively on questions of adult education in the current time context. We are pleased that we could engage him for our lecture series. In his lecture he will deal with the development possibilities of the human being and humanity to show ways to a more human future.

Together with Gita – Centro Antroposófico in Cuernavaca, Mexico, the Council is organising this open series of lectures on topics of anthroposophical curative education and social therapy. In monthly contributions, members of the Council’s network from Latin America provide an introduction to various aspects of inclusive social development. Language: Spanish.

On the website of the lecture series you will find information about the upcoming dates, the registration form and the video recordings of the previous lectures.