«Moving borders»

«Moving borders»

Inclusive European Congress

June 2–5, 2021, Volkshaus Zurich

It is time again. Despite obstacles a new congress is being prepared in Europe.
In times of social distancing and digitalized encounters, a group of people is working on realizing an inclusive congress next year.


Dear border movers

In summer 2021 one of our big congresses is finally to take place again. 500 interested people, persons with disabilities, their assistants and professionals are invited to Zurich, the beautiful Swiss city, situated on the lake and with a view of the mountains.

We want to have encounters and exchange ideas, want to learn and experience new things.

The theme of borders, with which we are concerned, has become very top- ical again. Borders can be obstacles, but also promote development. Together we want to explore them, understand them and of course move them: outside, within ourselves and between us.

Warm greetings
The organisation team


Download flyer with program overview (PDF, German)

Download flyer with program overview (PDF, English)

Download flyer with program overview (PDF, French)

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