Future Now!

Future Now!

The conference and networking initiative Zukunft Jetzt / Future Now held a series of conferences for students and young co-workers between 2014 and 2021. It was an initiative of training centres for anthroposophic curative education and social therapy in Germany and Switzerland. Since 2019, the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development has been the organizing association of the initiative. Even though the initial impetus came from the senior managers of the training centers and they continued to support the conference on an ongoing basis, it was essentially organized and realized by a group of students and young co-workers, the so-called initiative circle.

The following conferences were realized:

2014: Initiativ und verantwortlich mitarbeiten (Rudolf-Steiner-Seminar Bad Boll)
2016: Anthroposophisches Sozialwesen ImPuls der Zeit (Alanus Hochschule, Mannheim)
2017: Wie wollen wir leben und arbeiten? (Niels-Stensen-Haus, Seminar für Sozialtherapie)
2018: Innere und äußere Voraussetzungen für sozial- und heilpädagogisches Arbeiten (HFHS Dornach)
2019: Miteinander über Macht (Emil-Molt-Akademie Berlin)

During the Covid pandemic an attempt to create an online conference could not be implemented. For one, there were too few registrations, but also the remaining members of the initiative circle had ultimately expressed a deep need to not invest more energy into an online format, but rather to wait until the time when it would be possible to meet in person again.

However, after the pandemic, the number of active members getting together in the circle was not sufficient, and therefore, the remaining members decided to dissolve the circle for now.

Individuals interested in reviving or developing this or a similar format in the training context, are welcome to share their ideas with the Training Council:

Annette Pichler