Training for Trainers

Training for Trainers

The project group ‘Training for Trainers’ was formed at the October 2016 meeting of the Council. It was charged with creating additional professional development opportunities for trainers in the international network, besides the annual International Training Circle Conference (see entry ‘Training Circle’). facilitating the development of publications and resources in various formats for use by practitioners and professional training. More information to come.

Ongoing and planned trainers’ conferences:

  • Annual conference of the International Training Circel, April/Mai in Kassel, Germany
  • KRUG – regular professional development and networking conferences of the training network in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia und region
  • Pan-American Trainers’ Conference, July 2020 in Medellin (planned)
  • Asia-Pacific Region Trainers’ Conference, April 2021 in Taiwan (planned)

Contact: Jan Göschel (

Charter on Professional Education

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