International Conference 2020 (online)

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Register here to get online access to the live streams of the lectures, to the hybrid working groups and to the recordings of the lectures. After registration, you will receive access data by email, with which you can access the various online offers at your own discretion and possibilities.

Suggested contribution: To enable access to the conference in solidarity with all interested people, we ask for a voluntary contribution at your own discretion upon registration. A contribution of CHF 250.00 for participants from financially stable situations who would like to participate in all offers enables others from financially weaker situations to participate for self-selected contributions of CHF 10.00 to CHF 200.00. If you intend to participate in selected offers only, you can of course adjust your contribution accordingly. If you are currently unable to make a financial contribution, simply enter the amount 0.00 and select ‘Bank Transfer’ as your payment method. In any case we are looking forward to your participation! This also applies if you would like to send us your financial support in another way. (We are also particularly pleased with the initiative in some regions from which it is difficult to make payments abroad, alternatively to support an institution in their own country with a donation. Be creative and show solidarity!)

You can also register several people at once. In the next steps you will need name and email address for each person. Every registered person gets his own access link via email. Select the total number of people you want to register. Also indicate the amount of the contribution per person.

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Product Description

After registration you will receive a personal access link for the lectures by e-mail. You will also have access to a page with separate links for the small group discussions after the lectures and for the hybrid working groups you register for (see program information on the event page). The discussions after the lectures last about 15 minutes and are intended as an opportunity to meet and discuss the lectures.

Translation channels can be selected during the live stream of the lectures. It is planned that the livestream will be available in German, English, French, Italian, Dutch and Russian. Following the livestream, the lectures will also be available as videos. A Spanish and Chinese translation will be made available as a video within one day after each lecture. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the availability of all translations due to possible technical difficulties.

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