Anthroposophic Perspectives in Inclusive Social Development


The Bilingual International Journal for Anthroposophic Curative Education, Social Therapy and Related Fields of Work

The journal Perspectives is a professional journal for anthroposophic curative education and social therapy, published in English and German. It appears quarterly and is a forum for discussion of foundations of the anthroposophic understanding of the human being, human sciences and disabilities. It includes contributions on practice, dialogue with other contemporary approaches and reflections on inclusive work with persons with disabilities, as well as regular reports on international perspectives. It engages in dialogue with practical work in curative educational and social therapeutic kindergartens, schools, school communities, inclusive schools, workshops, supported living settings and rural and urban communities. It is the successor to the journal Seelenpflege in Heilpädagogik und Sozialtherapie, published until 2019.

New: The first digital special edition in Spanish was published in October 2021 and the first digital special edition in Russian in October 2023 (see below). To download it as a single issue in PDF format, please go to the page ‘Subscribe to Perspectives’. Further Spanish and Russian special editions are in preparation.

Current Issue

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Contributions in Focus:

Göschel, Jan: Netzwerkentwicklung in der beruflichen Bildung für inklusive Sozialgestaltung | Network Development in Professional Education for Inclusive Social Development. Perspectives, 2023-1.

Göschel, Jan: Methodisch-didaktische Ansätze in der beruflichen Bildung für inklusive Sozialgestaltung. | Methodical-Didactic Approaches in Professional Education for Inclusive Social Development. Perspectives, 2022-1.

Baring, Penelope et al.: Herbsttagung 2021 am Goetheanum. | Autumn Conference 2021 at the Goetheanum. Perspectives, 2021-4.

Schmidt, Robin: Digitale Transformation gestalten. Perspektiven für Gesellschaft und Pädagogik in einer digitalen Welt. | Shaping Digital Transformation. Perspectives for society and education in a digital world. Perspectives, 2021-1.

Jehle, Moritz: Marjatta. Ein erweitertes Element der Erbauungsstunde. | Marjatta. An expanded element of the devotional lesson. Perspectives, 2020-4.

Göschel, Jan: Die Corona-Krise aus der Perspektive der inklusive Sozialgestaltung. Ein Aufruf zu gesellschaftlichem Handeln. | The Corona Crisis from the Perspective of Inclusive Social Development. A call to civic action. Perspectives, 2020-2.

Fritze, Tobias: “Du kannst mir gar nichts sagen”. Zeitgemäße Autorität als Grundlage für Freiheit. | “You can’t tell me anything”. Contemporary forms of authority as a basis for freedom. Perspectives, 2020-1.