Community in conversation

Community in conversation

Community building engages many people today with different focuses.
Some have social focuses, some ecological, some spiritual, some economic, some cultural – everything can be found.
Anthroposophical communities in the field of curative education and social therapy have included this diversity since their beginnings before World War II.

Often the above aspects are combined:

  • Places of life that are social and inclusive – living with different abilities and needs together in a defined format.
  • Places of life that are associated with Demeter agriculture and thus pursue an ecological claim, which can also be reflected in other areas of everyday life such as dealing with electricity, energy, water, pollution.
  • Places of life that connect with the impulse of anthroposophy and thus the School of Spiritual Science.
  • Places of life that produce and also sell products of daily life with their workplaces.
  • Places of life that cultivate cultural life – according to tradition and religion.

How can all these processes of awakening, trusting, connecting, caring, learning as well as developing together and individually at the same time live in a community?
How do we manage the pendulum swing between living qualities in the community and at the same time making an impact on society?
How can anthroposophy as an attitude and a journey of perception be cultivated, questioned and inspiringly developed together with younger people?

From this wealth of topics it becomes clear why the preparation team decided to start with the idea of a series of conferences.
Every year one place is the venue and from the participating people together the place for the next year is found – a torch is passed.

So we started in the first year in May 2023 in Humanushaus/Switzerland.

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The second conference Community in Conversation 02 will take place in the community of Altenschlirf in Hesse/Germany.

DATE: 08–11.05.2024
TOPIC: Seasonal festivals

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