Ita Wegman Foundation’s Course in Budapest

Ita Wegman Foundation’s Course in Budapest

The Ita Wegman Foundation’s Course on therapeutic education and social therapy, Budapest 16 – 18 December 2022

By a wonderfully favorable twist of fate, the Ita Wegman Foundation’s course weekend in Budapest coincided with the Christmas meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in Hungary on December 17, 2022. More than 300 people gathered in the main hall of the Kispest Waldorf School to commemorate the impulse of the Christmas Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society in 1923. Among the many initiatives, the presentation of the curative pedagogy and social therapy training was given a special quality by a soulful moment of singing together with all the participants.

On the Friday evening preceding this event, Bart Vanmechelen gave a talk on the metamorphosis of anthroposophy in the first Goetheanum and the Foundation Stone Meditation. In the course on Saturday and Sunday, the 20 participants were introduced to anthroposophical meditation and schooling path exercises and reflected on the content of the October Conference “On the Quest for Health: Love – Vulnerability – Balance”. It became an intense fourth of Advent weekend exploring the care for a peaceful ‘Christmas’ mood in oneself, at home and at work.

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