Asia-Pacific Network

Asia-Pacific Network

Asia-Pacific Network ZOOM Meetings 2022

Building a Network


Initially the idea to make connections and develop an Asia-Pacific network had been discussed as a wish for some of the delegates from within this region. From further discussion there arose the idea of an in-person conference of initiative-carriers, which would also include colleagues in closely related anthroposophical impulses and organizations beyond those directly involved with the Inclusive Social Development Council (such as those in the World Social Initiative Forum’s network). It was acknowledged that the Asia-Pacific region is incredibly diverse, culturally and linguistically, and couldn’t simply model the idea of building a network on what has formed itself in other regions of the world. It was felt that an initial in-person conference would enable a space to explore developing the network amongst the initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. However, due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic this has been unable to take place. The initiative group are continuing to keep their eyes on how things are developing and when the time might be right to develop such a gathering. In the meantime, we would like to make a start and prepare the ground by offering a very simple series of online gatherings for the people and initiatives of the Asia-Pacific region of our network to share, perceive and meet each other.

Delegates and representatives from the countries listed below have responded positively and a programme has been developed to connect and share. We enthusiastically encourage you to join us in these evenings. Please register here if you are interested in participating in this initiative:


June 10th – Thailand, China

July 8th – Vietnam, Taiwan

August 5th – AUS, Japan

September 9th – India, NZ

June, July, August, September times:

  • NZ 17:00
  • Sydney 15:00
  • Taiwan 13:00
  • China 13:00
  • Vietnam 12:00
  • Thailand 12:00
  • India 10:30
  • Japan 14:00
  • South Africa 7:00
  • Central Europe 7:00
  • US East Coast 1:00


The Networking Meetings will take place on Fridays for 2 hours (which includes the presentations, small groups and plenum)


  • Welcome and introduction (5mins)
  • Each meeting will have two country presentations (30min each):
    • Create a picture of the activities in your network: share highlights – not a report
    • What can you offer to an Asia-Pacific network?
    • PROGRAMME OUTLINE FOR ZOOM MEETINGSWhat do you expect/hope for from a network?
  • Followed by small group conversation/exchange: (40mins) (randomly assigned groups of five; please help each other out with languages – if it doesn’t work, come back to main room for new group assignment)
  • Brief conclusion in plenum (15mins)


  • Build relationships and a picture of the region ahead of a future ‘in person’ Asia-Pacific conference
  • The Invite is open to anyone active in the network
  • Main language English
  • Every group organizes their own English to XXX interpreter if needed – consistent interpreters throughout!
  • Interpreters to Zoom simultaneous interpretation function.

Contact person: Trisha Glover, Hohepa Hawkes Bay, NZ