Two-year introductory course in social pedagogy

Two-year introductory course in social pedagogy

Rudolf Steiner University College & Camphill Vidaråsen

Experience-based 60 ECTS course

Fall 2024 – Spring 2026

Rudolf Steiner University College (RSUC) and Camphill Vidaråsen are proud to present a new experience-based introductory course in social pedagogy. The course consists of selected modules from the bachelor’s degree in social pedagogy and takes place at Camphill Vidaråsen in Andebu, Norway. The course is combined with co-working at Vidaråsen, creating an ongoing synergic effect between theoretical and practical knowledge.

In this unique education, RSUC collaborates with Camphill Vidaråsen to provide an experience-based education for co-workers living at Vidaråsen. If you want to become part of a Camphill Village, Vidaråsen can offer a home together with our residents, other co-workers, and volunteers, in an international anthroposophical and ecological environment.

In addition, you can now complete a two-year part-time course, where you get 60 internationally recognized credits in social pedagogy. The course will be an integrated part of the daily work life at Vidaråsen, consisting of one day of lectures and exercises per week.

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