2021 Camphill Movement Group Meeting

Healing – An Individual and a Community Vocation

The Camphill Movement Group is the group of delegates from the various regions of the worldwide Camphill Movement. It meets annually for a conference. This year’s conference took place virtually from May 24-28, 2021. On this page, you will find the presentations given during the conference.

The questions that the group pursued together were: What does the world need from us now? How do I find my task in the world as an individual? How do we find our task as a community and as a worldwide movement? And how does the community enable us, as individuals to find and take up our task, our vocation, in the world?

Much of the conversation built, among other things, on last year’s Camphill Research Symposium, which centered on the book by Dan McKanan, Camphill and the Future, which was released in 2020. Order a print copy or download the free open-access electronic version at University of California Press.

Invitation Letter & Program

The following documents were shared by Dave Mitchell during the conversations. They reflect the preliminary outcomes of recent conversations in the Association of Camphill Communities (AoCC) in the UK and Ireland to articulate Camphill core principles. They should be understood as basis for further discussion.


Richard Steel (May 25, 2021): The Biography and Future Calling of the Camphill Movement

See the announcement of the conference on climate change mentioned by Richard: Change in Camphill and in Human Consciousness, October 21-24, 2021 in Berlin
Mariano Kasanetz (May 26, 2021): Individual Vocation and Community (German original without translation)

Individuelle Berufung und Gemeinschaft (Deutsch ohne Übersetzung)

Download the text by Udo Herrmannstorfer referred to in the lecture: Dynamische Delegation (DE)
Download the English translation of the text by Udo Herrmannstorfer: Delegation and Collegial Leadership
Mariano Kasanetz (May 26, 2021): Individual Vocation and Community (with English translation by Margot Saar)

Ha Vinh Tho (May 27, 2021): Inner and Outer Dimensions of Responding to the Needs of Our Time