A song for the 100th birthday!

A song for the 100th birthday!

A song for the 100-year celebration
Lyrics and music by Hélène Bohman Blomqvist

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Original Swedish version: Jubileumssång

English version: A Song of Celebration – Curative Education 100 years

A song of Celebration – Lyrics (PDF, English)

A song of Celebration – Lyrics with chords (PDF, English)

Making a Song of Celebration

When a friend told me that we needed a song to celebrate 100 years of inclusive social development, it was Christmas time. The task to write something sensible about such a boundless enterprise kept me occupied over New year. I kept thinking about all the children and youngsters and grownups, in all the places and schools and workshops and countries, in all the days and weeks and months and years – you can imagine what an interesting Christmas I got!

The words “listen to the quiet stream of time” sort of fell down on the paper just before the 6th of January. Then the tree arrived together with the well. They brought echoes of old songs and holy myths, as well as perceptions of our life today and all its needs. The music was inspired by Irish folktunes.

It has been a great joy to make this song, and to sing it with others all winter long, sometimes with accompaniment from piano, drums and bass in Haganäs music theatre (Sweden).

The original song was made in Swedish, but there is now also an English version.

I hope there will be more versions, that you will feel free to use the melody and fill it with your own words, or even get inspired to make new songs of celebration!


Hélène Bohman Blomqvist