AVAPANAM Annual Conference in Chennai, India

AVAPANAM Annual Conference in Chennai, India

From January 4-8, 2023, the annual conference of the Indian Network for Anthroposophical Curative Education and Inclusive Social Design, AVAPANAM, was held in Chennai. Joining them as a guest lecturer was Jan Göschel from the Council’s leadership team. There were also contributions from Veera Panch (India), Christina Spitta (Germany), Augustine Thilak (India) and Sudha Athmaraj (India).

This year’s meeting was the third and last in a series dealing with the so-called ‘village lectures’ of Karl König. It was also the first opportunity for the AVAPANAM network to collaborate locally again since 2019.

The meeting was followed by visits to various AVAPANAM member institutions in Chennai and Bangalore. The pictures below give some impressions of it.

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