First National Meeting of the Movement for Inclusive Social Development in Argentina

First National Meeting of the Movement for Inclusive Social Development in Argentina

On September 6, 7 and 8, 2019, the first national meeeting of the Anthroposophic Movement for Inclusive Social Development was held in Mendiolaza, Córdoba, Argentina. The conference was a call to work on the question of the inner path. Surrounded by beautiful nature, 95 people from different regions of the country took part. Since school inclusion is practiced in Argentina, the meeting was interdisciplinary and representatives of special school impulses and social therapy were also present. At the opening on Friday, the following contributions were given: The history of curative education: How did it come to our country? About the ‘double’ of our country. Marcela Almeyda (Buenos Aires). This was followed by the biography of Karl Schubert. Mariana López Piuma (Buenos Aires). On Saturday we heard the lecture: The College Meeting – a way to understand individual pathways of development. Leticia Santagata (Buenos Aires). Then we were enriched by the presentation of a College Meeting by Fiorella Ribbaudo and Rafael Arcángel-Espacio (Córdoba).

The eurythmist Ximena Mondelo led us in social-eurythmic exercises. She accompanied us in a special way, because in Argentina there is only eurythmy in Buenos Aires. We were able to have very deep individual and social experiences.

The artistic workshops that gave us beautiful moments were:

  • Weaving the way to the inner light. M. Babugia and M. Bazan (Mendoza)
  • Christian seasons as the path of the individual, social and earthly soul. A. Crivelli (Córdoba)
  • The inner path in movement. M L. Cepeda and H. Suárez (Buenos Aires)
  • The four elements of nature in speech. P. Martinez (Rosenkranz)

On Saturday evening, we celebrated a peña: a moment of folkloric encounter with chants and dances of our country, a beautiful social moment.

The country’s Movement for Curative Education and Social Therapy strives to find meeting places to learn what is happening in different regions, to share moments of inspiration, to build its own identity and build a solid network, that can reach and shine into more angles of the country each time.

In view of this need, we have jointly decided that we will meet once a year, on the first weekend in September, our next meeting is on the 4., 5. and 6. of September 2020 in Mendoza.

I would particularly like to thank the organizing group for all the efforts made to make this meeting a reality; Ximena Mondelo for her commitment, her accompaniment of our movement and all participants for the beautiful and nourishing climate in which we live.

See you next year!

Marcela Almeyda