Impressions from Ukraine, June 2019

Impressions from Ukraine, June 2019

First of all, it should be emphasized that the two initiatives for anthroposophical curative education in Ukraine are carried by great courage and perseverance. If there were not about 25 educators, therapists and curative educators, as well as a large number of supporters from Europe, this power could not unfold with the love for the children and young people with special needs in this beautiful country surrounded by a spirit of new beginnings.

The Phoenix School in Kharkov and the Sonnenhof School in Kiev are places that have to find their niches amid state regulations and funding issues.

Both schools are located in state kindergartens, leading to encounters and occasionally joint action and celebrations.

The seminar for Anthroposophic Curative Education receives a large influx from all pedagogical corners and has been open to all colleagues interested in interdisciplinary approaches in Ukraine for years. This exchange of experience is a great enrichment for all involved.

During my visit, I, Sonja Zausch, a member of the Council’s leadership team, tried to find out what needs are current. And we came across two themes: the establishment of a social therapy settingand the topic of assisted communication. For the former, I have already been able to find a social therapy institution (Seewalde) near Berlin, which is ready to take in two colleagues from Kharkov for a longer internship. It is a great gift if you can look behind the scenes of a well-functioning institution (in a rural region). Many thanks to Seewalde for opening the doors.

For the assisted communication I have also already been able to contact two professional colleagues in Germany. We are considering whether there are opportunities for them to offer on-site training in Kiev for students in the seminar and parents. That would be a wonderful contribution, in line with the idea of inclusion.

One issue that is still close to my heart and that I have raised is sex education for children, adolescents, carers and parents. Here, too, I am trying to invite colleagues from Europe to offer further training on site.

If, as a reader and expert, you feel that you might be able to contribute to the topics addressed, please contact me. I am grateful for any suggestions!