Inner Connections: Soul Breathing and Nature Breathing

Inner Connections: Soul Breathing and Nature Breathing

An in-person public conference on April 13-16, 2023 in Ytterjärna, Sweden

Co-sponsored by the Karl König Institute and the Kulturhuset, Järna

Most people understand that the earth is suffering. The symptons of this are dramatic and are affecting millions of lives around the world.
What does this have to do with us? Humankind is not only a part of nature, it is akin to nature. Both live in rhythms that are connected to each other. Rhythms are expressed in the flow of time, which itself is a hallmark of all living beings, whether in the seasonal cycles of nature or the rhythms of the human soul. Thus our disharmony with the life of nature is ultimately a disharmony with the life of our soul. the war against nature is ultimately a war against ourselves. Exploring a deeper understanding of ourselves and our intrinsic relationship to nature is therefore a useful perspective to bring harmony to this essential symbiosis.
In this conference, we will explore the inner connections – and consequences – of this relationship through a variety of conversations, lectures, and exhibitions with scientists, activists, politicians, artists and others.

The intention is bring an interdisciplinary group of experts and practitioners together to explore, discuss, engage and inspire. Combining a variety of perspectives and backgrounds on the conference theme with artistic and practical workshops, as well as conversation settings, the conference moves from inner connections between human beings and nature to outer engagements and initiatives, ending with panel discussions related to the question: “What has this to do with me?”

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