International Conference 2020: Videos of the lectures now available!

International Conference 2020: Videos of the lectures now available!

The International Curative Education and Social Therapy Conference took place at the Goetheanum and via livestream on all continents from 5 – 9 October 2020.

We were prepared for 800 people. We were pleased that in the uncertain time of the pandemic about 220 people came for this biennial inclusive conference. In addition, we enabled online participation with live streams to the lectures as well as hybrid and digital working groups, which was very gratefully used by up to 300 people from all over the world.

“Education always!” was our topic: How do we develop the physical prerequisites for this? How does lifelong interest develop? How is education supported by relationships? How does this develop the space for vocation? These topics were considered by various speakers in the morning. As always, there were two working group units, which this year for the first time were offered in three formats: on-site, hybrid (on-site and with online participants) and pure online groups. In the “contemplative spaces” we were able to enjoy breaks, peace and quiet – an active lunch break with a variety of offers! During these five days we became a responsible, very cordial, community, which appreciates the encounters and was in motion a lot – and that with masks! We were able to put our professional meditation, the point-circle meditation, suggested by Rudolf Steiner, into practice, both literally and practically, by repeatedly bringing colleagues who were not present into our consciousness, into our spaces.

Schön war es, und lieben Dank an Alle, die zum Gelingen beigetragen haben, weil sie mit ihrem Herzen dabei waren!

Videos der Vorträge

The recordings of the opening session, the lectures and the closing session are now available online. The lectures are available in the German original as well as in English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and French translations. A Portuguese translation and subtitles in Chinese (Mandarin) are also planned.

The following contents are available as videos:

  • Opening (Jan Göschel & Bart Vanmechelen)
  • Lecture: My body as a place of development (Sonja Zausch)
  • Lecture: Becoming human as a lifelong process (Florian Osswald)
  • Lecture: Education as a resonance space for individual and collective growth (Annette Pichler)
  • Lecture: Re-gaining the question – a way to sanctify vocation (Mariano Kasanetz)
  • Closing

If you were registered for online participation in the conference, you can simply use the link to the landing page of the conference, which was provided to you after registration to get access to the livestreams. You do not need to register again.

To enable access in solidarity with all interested people, we ask for a voluntary contribution at your own discretion. If you have already attended on site at the Goetheanum, we invite you to register for access to the recordings without an additional fee.