Invitation to the Launch of the Journal in Spanish

Invitation to the Launch of the Journal in Spanish

We invite you to the launch of the first special edition in Spanish of our journal

Anthroposophic Perspectives in Inclusive Social Development

Perspectives is the professional journal of the worldwide movement for anthroposophical curative education, social therapy and related fields of work. It is published quarterly in German and English.

Starting with this special edition in Spanish, we will publish for the first time collections of articles in Spanish. The special Spanish editions are available in digital format through our website.

We invite you to our digital launch event via Zoom on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Argentina | Brazil | Chile 20:00
Puerto Rico | U.S. East Coast 19:00
Colombia | Peru | Ecuador | U.S. Central 18:00

Mexico | U.S. Mountain 17:00
U.S. West Coast 16:00


  • Presentation of the team and the initiative
  • Musical presentation: Trío Rodríguez-Aranda
  • History of the Journal
  • Online tour of the publication & Subscription
  • Musical presentation: Trío Rodríguez-Aranda

Invitation to download (with Zoom link)