Joyful Leadership Training

Joyful Leadership Training

In September 2022, Joyful Leadership Training returned for its 4th edition! The Erasmus+ funded Training Course was organised and hosted by Camphill Community Glencraig and brought together 36 bright leaders and aspiring leaders from 16 nationalities to experience 7 full days of training at Lorne Estate, Holywood, Northern Ireland. A transformative week with demonstrations, simulations, opportunities for personal mentorship, formal and non-formal learning, practical challenges, individual and group reflections, connecting with fellow leaders, four expert trainers and exploring the life and culture of the local community together. Rich shared experiences in an interactive, engaging and positively challenging learning environment, inspiring each person to get in touch and develop the leader inside. We also had outdoor activities, a study visit and Ceilidh evening in Glencraig and there was an open Leadership evening with presentations and a discussion panel.

Please find and enjoy the 6min Project Video here:

Joyful Leadership is about the process of joyfully influencing others to achieve common goals for the benefit of all. The concept was carefully developed by an international team of experts who poured decades of experience and knowledge into this holistic “Tree of life” approach, wanting to empower new generations of role model leaders. The aim of the course is to increase capacity and professional skills in the field of leadership and enable joyful leaders in organisations and life as a whole.

If you would like to know more about Joyful Leadership and for access to the FREE 5h Online Course and to the Joyful Leadership manual, please have a look here:

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