Mental Health Seminar

Mental Health Seminar

An Anthroposophic Training in Mental Health, Psychological Crises, Therapeutic Response & Personal Development

Starting February 2025 at Emerson College (UK)

With Mike Chase, Dr James Dyson, Dr Michael Evans, Dr Gabriele Förster, Ginny Bayman and Jane Chase


Are you connected to or caring for people living with mental health challenges? Do you wish to develop new capacities and broaden your understanding in this field?

Crises in mental health are of increasing relevance in our uncertain times, manifesting in all areas of life and work.

The Mental Health Seminar is an indepth Anthroposophic training which explores this complex theme within the context of contemporary human consciousness.

With twelve modules spanning three years, the course aims to deepen knowledge and cultivate experienced- based and empathic understanding needed in today’s society.


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