Perspectives 2022-2 – now online!

Perspectives 2022-2 – now online!

The new issue of the journal Anthroposophic Perspectives in Inclusive Social Development is now available – as always bilingual (German and English), in print and online!

In the current issue you will find the following articles:

  • Christine Gruwez – The Lens of the Present
  • Gabriele Scholtes – Social Therapy Makes Sense and Gives Meaning. Living Logotherapy in Community
  • Gerhard Hallen – Speaking from Inspiration. A commentary on R. Steiner’s remarks on the geniuses of language in The Curative Education Course
  • Ferdinand Klein – Janusz Korczak’s Curative Educational and Social Therapeutic Impulse. In memoriam, on the 80th anniversary of his death
  • Richard Steel – Discussion of the new book by Peter Selg: Curative education or «child euthanasia»? Karl König’s confrontation with Werner Catel
  • Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development – Annual Report 2021

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