School of Spiritual Science Activities

School of Spiritual Science Activities

Online working group of Class Holders working in Curative Education and Social Therapy

Class holders have the task of organizing the activities in the School of Spiritual Science in cooperation with the members of the school. In this online working group class holders working in curative education and social therapy exchange about their work and consult each other.

The research questions addressed in our working field focus on understanding the nature of human development and how children and adults with a need for support can be assisted to develop to their fullest potential. This support requires the ability to adapt one’s actions and attitude to the needs of others and this can be learned by consciously working on one’s own development. “All education begins with self-education.” The spiritual core of one’s personality is the source of insight, freedom, love and lifeforces out of which this self-development is possible. The School of Spiritual Science is there for all colleagues who want to make this inner development fruitful in their life and work by research in practice and meditation.

The working group is international, so our working language will be mainly English, with, if needed, translation from and into German.

  • Two questions will be central to our meetings:
    How can we make the collaboration in the School of Spiritual Science more accessible for our colleagues?
  • How can we make the work in the School of Spiritual Science more fruitful and available in the daily work?

Class holders in our working field who are interested in joining this working group please contact Bart Vanmechelen (

Further initiatives on the subject of School of Spiritual Science Activities are in preparation.

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