Series Introductory Booklets of the Swiss Association Anthrosocial

Series Introductory Booklets of the Swiss Association Anthrosocial

Volume 1 by Andreas Fischer now available in English, Russian, Spanish and Danish

Since 2018, the Swiss association Anthrosocial (formerly vahs) has been publishing a series of brochures with introductory texts on topics related to anthroposophical curative education, social therapy and social psychiatry. They are aimed at staff in institutions, trainees, parents and relatives, people interested in studying and training, participants in further education and conferences, and other interested parties. Their aim is to provide knowledge, experience and information on the basics of anthroposophical social therapy, curative education and social psychiatry and their many fields of activity in an accessible form.

We are pleased to be able to make these publications available internationally in various translations as part of our partnership with Anthrosocial. The first volume by Andreas Fischer is now available on our website under “Literature/Introductory Booklets” for free in the eReader and for download as PDF in English, Spanish, Russian and Danish. The German original is available on the Anthrosocial website.

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