Some impressions from Estonia

Some impressions from Estonia

A visit to the Camphill community Phakla Village was the start of the trip. The generational change here has been very successful with two young, committed colleagues. We wish you all the best for the future!!

Maarja Kool in Tartu (a curative education school) celebrated its 30th anniversary and there was a big ceremony in the architecturally extraordinary Estonian National Museum. Happy birthday and keep going into the future with courage!
Sonja Zausch was invited to give a lecture on “Inclusion as a democratic attitude” – with moving elements with all the guests! That worked!

To the contribution by Sonja Zausch at the conference in Tartu on 24.04.2024 on the 30th birthday of Maarja Kool
(from minute 15, English and Estonian)

On the following days, a workshop on team eurythmy was held with the school staff. And Sonja gave an impulse contribution on practical methods of inclusion at Maarja Küla, a social therapy organization in our network – in the middle of beautiful nature and in a very inclusive setting!

Thank you very much for your hospitality and the wonderful company during this intensive week!