The Twelve Senses: Sensing Justice in the Encounter

The Twelve Senses: Sensing Justice in the Encounter

An online conference hosted by the Threefold Educational Foundation – August 11-15, 2021

How do we encounter justice and foster a sense of responsibility as we navigate the realms of the self, the world, and our fellow human beings? How can a better understanding of the working of our twelve senses lead to insights that create a foundation for justice?

The twelfth and highest sense is the ability to live into the I-being of another person – for one human being to be able to truly and fully perceive another. An individual whose twelve senses are fully developed could instantly perceive another person’s experience of inequity and injustice, free from judgment or self-interest.

In this conference, presenters and participants from around the world will gather on Zoom to explore and discuss how awareness and understanding of the concepts of the twelve senses can lead humanity toward a society that is free from injustice in all its forms.

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