Werkstatt Inklusion (Workshop Inclusion)

Werkstatt Inklusion (Workshop Inclusion)

Moments of Inclusive Pedagogy at Windrather Talschule

Setting out into the open!
WERKSTATT Inklusion invites teachers to engage in joint practice and research on the issues of inclusion that are now visible everywhere. The initial aim is to further develop the own pedagogical work. It is also possible to make the research results available to other colleagues on a digital platform.

WERKSTATT Inklusion comprises a total of eight work blocks of four days each over a period of two years. It is divided into basic work on the study of the human being, practice phases to deepen the student’s own perceptual and creative abilities, and hospitations in the school life of the Windrather Talschule.

(All dates subject to feasibility under the current Corona protection regulations)

Windrather Talschule
Pannerstraße 24
DE-42555 Velbert-Langenberg

Simple overnight accommodations are available free of charge at the school.

Biological-dynamic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack)
8.–/4.– € per meal

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