2021 Camphill Movement Group Meeting

2021 Camphill Movement Group Meeting

The Camphill Movement Group is the group of delegates from the various regions of the worldwide Camphill Movement. It meets annually for a conference. This year’s conference took place virtually from May 24-28, 2021.

The questions that the group pursued together were: What does the world need from us now? How do I find my task in the world as an individual? How do we find our task as a community and as a worldwide movement? And how does the community enable us, as individuals to find and take up our task, our vocation, in the world?

The presentations by Richard Steel, Mariano Kasanetz and Ha Vinh Tho, as well as some other materials shared at the meeting, are now available here.

(Picture: Open land for a new Camphill-inspired community project in Bugesera District, Rwanda)

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