Joy – Commitment – Curiosity: May Days 2023 in Norway

Joy – Commitment – Curiosity: May Days 2023 in Norway

7–10 May 2023 in Norway

Shooting Stars

Have you ever looked up at the sky, lost yourself in the beauty …
The silence … experienced a sense of longing … belonging … a fleeting contact with yourself in eternity …?
Then suddenly a shooting star caught your eye and for a moment something was moved in you … a joy … a sensing … a presence … Maybe you remembered to make a wish, or maybe you forgot it again …
But something inside you was awakened and you knew that this moment had something to do with you.

That’s what we wish our May Days to be: a stary sky that inspires strengthens and awakens, a conference that builds bridges between knowledge, experience and insight, between idea and practice, seriousness, humor and the co-creative.

It is not possible to order shooting stars, but it is very possible to join the conference in Norway!

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