New Program 2021 – Anthroposophical Studies

New Program 2021 – Anthroposophical Studies

New program with online study in five languages

Due to the many changes and also restrictions that are currently imposed on us, it was decided to expand the study options at the Gotheanum. Thus, in addition to the on-site study options, an online study program is now offered to you.

In this form, the study of anthroposophy offers the opportunity to engage with anthroposophy, with questions of the present, in connection with the Goetheanum, in the various places of the world.

Anthropohophical study work on texts by Rudolf Steiner is offered in five languages – English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish. The artistic and other subjects of study are taught in English. The part-time courses, as well as the professional development courses, will take place prescientially or online, depending on the possibilities.

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