The Council supports, networks and accompanies various research and reflection projects in the field of anthroposophical curative education and social therapy. Some of these projects are conducted in conjunction with a university or other academic institution. Others are informal projects with an exploratory and reflective approach. One platform for the publication and dissemination of formal and informal research projects is the journal Anthroposophic Perspectives in Inclusive Social Development.

Current projects in the Council’s network

(List without claim to completeness. Please send references to other projects to Jan Göschel).

Contributions of people with support needs to their social environment (working title)

Qualitative interview study conducted by Stefanie Schälin. Responsible organization: Project partnership Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development, anthroSocial (formerly vahs, Schweiz) and University of Applied Sciences Luzern, Department Social Work.

In good company – living inclusion (formerly BaSiG)

What makes a good society? How can it be shaped by all people? How do we want to live together? And how do we get into conversation about these questions? – A five-year action research project of the Anthropoi Bundesverband (Germany) with 13 example locations and academic support by the Alanus University.

Practice and effect of family-oriented support for people with support needs in anthroposophical living communities

A project of the Youth Section at the Goetheanum, in collaboration with the communities Altenschlirf, Sassen-Richthof and Münzinghof (Germany).

Camphill Research Network

A platform on the Camphill Academy website for research projects and publications in, with and about the Camphill movement, including the annual Camphill Research Symposium.

Anthropology of Waldorf Education and Anthroposophical Curative Education

A multi-year project of the Pädagogische Forschungsstelle Stuttgart, under the direction of Jost Schieren (Alanus University). The aim is to systematically present the theoretical foundations of an anthroposophical study of the human being, to develop them in a conceptually and terminologically comprehensible way, and to situate them in the context of a current discussion in educational science.

HPK 2024 – New edition of Rudolf Steiner’s Curative Education Course and development of a companion volume.

This project of the Council includes the scholarly accompaniment of the new edition of the Curative Education Course by the Rudolf Steiner Archive (editor Dr. Anne Weise) as well as the development of a commentary and textual companion volume. The development of the companion volume is coordinated by Rüdiger Grimm (Alanus University), Jan Göschel (Council), Bente Edlund (Norway) and Bernd Kalwitz (Alanus University).

Council contact person for research questions: Dr. Jan Göschel