Reports from the four scholarship holders of the eurythmy training course in “Bewegte Prozessbegleitung“

Reports from the four scholarship holders of the eurythmy training course in “Bewegte Prozessbegleitung“

From June 2023 to June 2024, the further education course “Moved Process Support – Eurythmy in the Professional World” took place in cooperation with the Council, the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum and, as organizer, “you-with-me”.
The Council had announced a scholarship for four trained eurythmists with the idea of taking up and deepening eurythmy in our organizations in an entrepreneurial and social space-building way.

Below you can read short reports on the experiences of the four scholarship holders.

We hope that their learning experiences will continue to unfold fruitfully in our contexts in the future. This requires courage on the part of the trainees and an open attitude on the part of our organizations.

If an organization feels the impulse to invite a eurythmist with Movement Process Accompaniment in order to develop further, please contact Sonja Zausch. She accompanied the four scholarship holders in the practical


Franka Henn:
Social eurythmy at the HFHS Dornach (CH)

I am at the beginning of my freelance work as a eurythmist and my aim is to combine eurythmy with awareness – to form an intuitive and tangible bridge.
From January to February 2024, I carried out my practical project at the “Höhere Fachschule für anthroposophische Heilpädagogik, Sozialpädagogik und Sozialtherapie” (HFHS) in Dornach. As part of the regular eurythmy lessons for social pedagogy students, I was allowed to teach six units of social eurythmy. The students were in their first year of study and were not very familiar with anthroposophy or eurythmy. In our lessons, we focused on the perception of collaboration and the dynamics within the group. The aim was to increase self-awareness, mindfulness and presence when moving together. The experiences were very good. The reference to professional practice and an approach that relates to everyday life and not to esoteric backgrounds were perceived as particularly positive by the participants. We were able to discover a different, ‘pragmatic’ side to eurythmy in this short time. My assignment continues there now, as a stand-in for the eurythmy lessons.


Isadora Ossege:
Offer for people at Anfora in Dornach (CH)

In 2018, I came to Switzerland from Brazil to study eurythmy at the Eurythmeum CH. My practical project took place at the Anfora Association in Dornach (CH) from February to April 2024 together with my colleague Júlia Sodini. The Anfora association offers accompanied living and working for people with a mental or cognitive disability. It was a totally new experience for the participants and also for us, where we experienced a lot of flexibility and joy together. We had a lot of fun and sometimes challenges too. It was really beautiful to observe how the creation of something can develop from the presence and resonance of the moment, and then show itself in a wonderful way in eurythmy.
I am very grateful for this process and this experience. The program has now come to an end and we had the feeling that eurythmy had found a place in the hearts of the participants.


Thomas Feierabend:
Support for three inclusive future workshops at the Lebenswerkgemeinschaft Berlin (DE)

Coming from many years of freelance work as a stage eurythmist and dancer, I am in the process of further training in eurythmy, which is why I applied for the scholarship.

In my practical project, I was able to help shape the “Inclusive Future Workshops” project of the LebensWerkGemeinschaft in Berlin.
Public events were held on several dates in which people with and without assistance needs developed visions for a new meeting place. The moved process support, which I designed as invitations to move in resonance, was received very positively and as enriching. I had a lot of fun with the participants; it was particularly challenging for me not to know until I got there how many people would be taking part and what physical and emotional realities they brought with them. In short movement units, we were able to enter a playful, moving sensory and social experience space and thus create valuable added value to the joyful and productive afternoons.
I very much hope that the experience of joint effectiveness will continue to support the project groups in their work.


Caiame de Lacerda Pataca:
Six eurythmy units with an inclusive group from Sonnhalde Gempen at Roderis (CH)

Born in Brazil, I am a trained biologist, Waldorf teacher and musician. I studied eurythmy in Brazil and Witten-Annen. I am currently working with people with support needs and in artistic eurythmy projects.

My practical project took place in the pre-Christmas period 2023 at the Sonnhalde Gempen in Roderis. Anthroposophy is a central foundation for their work.

With regard to the six eurythmy sessions – and the small performance with a Christmas verse from Rudolf Steiner at the end – it was a wonderful learning experience for me to work with the inclusive group of 6–9 people an deal calmly with the many special features and also challenges for me. People were interested and motivated to take part in the eurythmy sessions, which leads to the conclusion that the methodology used was useful and appropriate. It was interesting to observe the possibilities of each person’s movement, and even some surprises about the abilities that some people with support needs could demonstrate in movement.
When I realize how many elements we come into contact with in eurythmy, it becomes very clear to me how enriching artistic practice with this art of movement can be for all people and that unexpected potential can be unleashed.
The project was so successful that the institution decided to continue it for an unlimited period with appropriate payment.