World Goetheanum Forum 2019

World Goetheanum Forum 2019

The World Goetheanum Association was founded on 18. Mai 2018. It is an association of partners, consisting of companies, institutions, initiatives and self-employed persons who are active on an anthroposophical basis in the most diverse fields of life and work. In the World Goetheanum Association, they jointly create a platform for interdisciplinary and cross-sector cooperation and exchange in connection with the School of Spiritual Science and its sections and departments. As a legal entity of the Anthroposophic Council for Inclusive Social Development, the Fonds für Heilpädagogik und Sozialtherapie Dornach is also a founding member of the World Goetheanum Association.

For the second time, the meeting of the partners took place at the Goetheanum from 26 to 28 September 2019, followed by the World Goetheanum Forum. Michael Dackweiler and Jan Göschel participated as representatives of the Fonds in the partner meeting and subsequently together with Sonja Zausch in the Forum events. With Georg Soldner, who is in charge of the development of the World Goetheanum Association, and Holger Wilms, who represented the Anthropoi Bundesverband, the Fonds was even present with the majority of its members.

At the partners’ meeting, the World Goetheanum Association was given simple rules of procedure, in addition to the charter adopted when it was founded, defining the organs and responsibilities. At the subsequent World Goetheanum Forum, representatives of anthroposophical companies and initiatives came together under the theme “Inspired Collaboration and Cooperative Partnership” to address the question of new forms of associative cooperation. In addition to contributions by Jos de Blok (Buurtzorg), Niklaus Schär und Hanspeter Niggli (CoOpera), Ha Vinh Tho (Eurasia Foundation/Eurasia Learning Institute), Aonghus Gordon (Ruskin Mill Trust) and Alina Haldemann, Bettina Holenstein und Susanne Huber (Demeter Schweiz) 16 initiatives from all areas of life were presented in a live crowdfunding process and financially supported by those present from their own resources and from resources of the World Goetheanum Association.

The next World Goetheanum Forum is scheduled to take place in one year. Organizations, companies and freelancers from all fields of work who work on an anthroposophical basis are invited to become partners of the World Goetheanum Association. More information on the website of the World Goetheanum Association.

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