International Training Circle

International Training Circle

In the Training Circle, providers of professional education programs within the Council’s network work together on an international level. The Training Circle represents a diverse set of professional education programs, from introductory courses and continuing education to first professional trainings, post-graduate certifications, and academic degree programs at the bachelor and master level. The collaboration focuses on ongoing development of contemporary education and training processes on an anthroposophic basis for individuals who are – or want to become – active in the fields of work of the Council and its member organizations.

Key elements of the collaboration are:

  • Annual Conference of the Training Circle – This conference is bilingual (German and English) and takes place in April/May in Kassel, Germany. It includes network meetings and professional development for trainers. Anyone working as a trainer in any capacity (course instructors, practice supervisors, artists, mentors etc) are warmly invited. See calendar of events. From 2021 to 2023, the ERASMUS+ project Continuing Education for Trainers – Developing an International Peer-to-Peer Process (Peer2Peer-CET) will be implemented within this context.
  • Recognition Process (Peer Review) – The Training Circle has developed a voluntary peer review process to certify providers of professional education programs. See guidelines documents. Currently certified professional education programs are shown on the map under ‘Network’.
  • Charter on Professional Education – This Charter was developed by the Training Circle in a collaborative process. It was formally adopted in 2016 as an expression of shared principles.
  • Working Group ‘Training for Trainers’ – This group was formed during the October 2016 meeting of the Council and is connected to the Training Circle. See separate entry for this working group.

The Training Council coordinates the work of the Training Circle. Current members are:

Ralf Giese

Jan Göschel

Bernd Kalwitz

Reem Mouawad

Annette Pichler (Facilitator)

Christoph Rosenkranz

Contact and subscription to the mailing list of the International Training Circle: Jan Göschel (

Charter on Professional Education


Organization and Recognition Process

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