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International Conference for Eurythmists, Speech Artists, Eurythmy Therapists and those interested


Call for network building

Dear eurythmy colleagues working in the inclusive and exclusive curative education,

The Section for the Performing Arts is planning an international conference on eurythmy/eurythmy therapy/speech formation from 5–9.4.2021.

Here for the first time we would like to strengthen the network of eurythmists working in curative education and social therapy. Sonja Zausch will offer a working group for this purpose. The aim is to strengthen this professional profile, to get to know each other in order to share common research and questions, to further educate together.

To strengthen and professionalize this field of work, I would like to motivate you to join a working group at this international conference at the Goetheanum. Through my travels to the most diverse places in the world, I experience again and again that there is a need for a network for this special field.

As an opportunity for networking, I imagine a lot of suggestions and working materials for everyday work, maybe even mutual hospitations. From whom do you learn more than from your colleague, who accompanies you with a professional loving eye! Perhaps we could also write a teaching guide through the class levels.

This may result in a strong educational impulse that makes the perception of the job profile more visible than at present. Also the question about the future of this professional field is getting louder and louder!

Please bring your best practice examples to this working group at the Goetheanum so that we can practice and learn together. I am looking forward to this exchange!

Please inform the eurythmists in your facilities worldwide. For further questions, also for requests for travel support, please contact s.zausch@inclusivesocial.orgdirectly.

Warm regards,

Sonja Zausch
Member of the Leadership Team